Glow Necklaces as Glowing Party Decorations!

Glow Necklace Decorations

Looking for an affordable, easy and quick way to create some fun, bright and colorful party decorations for your next big glow party? Well those Glow Necklaces that all of your party guests are wearing can also double up as cool glow rope and party highlights by stringing them all together! You can either loop them together to create a glowing chain effect or simply connect each end and make a super bright glow rope to string around the party! Highlight the backyard for your next late evening BBQ party or string them around the house to outline the party with glow!
Glow Rope Decoration

You can even use Glow Necklaces to create a fun glowing jump rope or use glow necklaces and glow bracelets to setup a “glow drawing” craft area for the kids! (and us adults too of course!)
Glow Stick Jump RopeGlow Stick Figure

So let your imagination run wild, with a couple tubes of affordable glow necklaces, you can create some awe inspiring glow party decorations, fun glow games or glow crafts. Use a specific color to create the colored theme you desire or use a combination of colors to really brighten things up.

Glowing Balloons

And don’t forget that you can also use Glowing Necklaces to create some ultra-cool Super Spaghetti Glow Balloons!

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