Glitter & Glue Flicker Jars with LED Candles!

Glitter & Glue Flicker Jars are a fun and easy do it yourself glow craft great for all ages! Create stunning and spectacular flickering jar lights fantastic for fall and Halloween. You can use natural leaves and decorations or create your own unique silhouette cut-outs.

Prepare by mixing some standard paste glue and glitter. Coat the outside of the jar and simply place your decorations (leaves, silhouette cut-outs or anything else you can think of!) to the side of the jar and simply add some Flameless LED Tea Light Candles to make them glow! (You can alternatively coat the inside of the jar but this will make it more difficult to place your decorations. Be sure not to use true flame candles if you do place the decorations on the interior of the jar.)

Glitter_Glue_Jars_Setup1   Glitter_Glue_Jars_Setup2

Glitter_Glue_Jars_Setup3   Glitter_Glue_Jars_Setup4

You can also use construction paper to create your own cool silhouette cut-outs or even black paint to paint the outlines directly onto the side of the jar. Use your imagination!


Use some twine or string and loop it around the top of the jar for an added Autumn feel!


Now, just add some Flameless Candles and watch your creations come to life with flickering light!




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