Tic Tac Glo! and other fun glow game ideas!

tic tac glo

A fun simple glow version of tic-tac-toe. You can use two different colors of miniature glow sticks to represent the Xs and Os. One player selects a color and places the lite glow stick in a spot on a homemade or drawn tic-tac-toe board. Additionally 8 inch glow bracelets can be used to create a great glowing tic-tac-toe board as shown in the image. This basic idea can be altered to fit any popular board game. Replace checkers with mini glow sticks for a fun game of glow checkers or replace the player and hotel pieces in Monopoly to create Glownopoly! The possibilities are endless!

Red Light, Green Light, Glow!

Green Light, Red Light - Glow in the Dark Kids Game

In this fun glow in the dark game, one person plays the ‘traffic light’ and the rest act as ‘drivers’ who will attempt to tag him or her. At the start, all the players (drivers) form a line about 15-20 feet away from the traffic light. The traffic light then faces away from the line of drivers and holds up a Green Glow Stick indicating a ‘green light’. At this point the players are allowed to move forward towards the traffic light. At any point, the traffic light player may suddenly hide the Green Glow Stick and instead display a Red Glow Stick indicating a ‘Red Light’. If any of the players are caught moving after this has occurred, they are out. Play resumes when the stop light hides the Red Glow Stick and displays the Green Glow Stick again. The traffic light wins if all the players are out before anyone is able to touch him or her. Otherwise, the first player to touch the traffic light wins the game and earns the right to be the traffic light for the next round.

Red and Green Glow Sticks

Glowing Night Golf

Glow in the Dark Night Golf is a fun twist on golf and is growing in popularity across North America. An ever growing selection of glowing golf balls, LED golf balls and glow in the dark golf equipment is appearing on the market and opening the way for affordable and easy to set up night golf games. Glow in the Dark Night Golf tournaments are great for fundraising events, corporate and office parties. The best tournament combination being 9 holes in the afternoon followed by a buffet dinner (possible glow party dinner) and then 9 holes of exciting glowing night golf after the sun sets. For more information of how to best set up a night golf event and the most popular lighted golf products to use, visit this helpful Night Golf Information Page.

Glow Rover, Glow Rover…. Send Johnny on Over!

Played like a regular game of Red Rover, only using 22″ Glow Necklaces to form a ‘Glow Chain’ instead of players holding hands. As an alternative, 8″ Glow Bracelets can also be used to create a tougher glow chain.


Depending on the size of the group, take several 22″ Glow Necklaces and attach them together into a large chain like effect. Create two of these long glow ‘chains’, divide the group into two equal teams and have both teams spread out into a line facing parallel to each other. Each team takes a chain of glow necklaces and spreads it out across their line, have each team member spread out from one another and hold the glow chain rather than each others hands. The team chosen to go first calls for a runner from the other line by chanting “Glow Rover, Glow Rover, send Johnny on over!” Johnny then takes off running and tries to break through the opposing teams glow stick chain. If successful, Johnny can then claim one ring of the opposing teams glow chain and take it back to add it to his own teams chain. Each team takes turns doing this until one teams glow chain is close to depleted and the others is overflowing with glow. The team with the most glow wins!