Glow Party Decorations – Glowing Treat Ideas!

Glow Sticks in a Birthday Cake Liven up your party with glowing party snacks and treats! Here we will highlight a couple simple additions for your standard birthday and party snack treats that will surely make them shine!

How about adding some simple glow sticks to your cakes and cupcakes for a wonderful glowing treat! Or use looped glow necklaces to wrap around a food platter for a glowing cupcake display.



Note: If you plan to use glow sticks in any edible products, it is always best to choose a higher quality brand of glow sticks. We find that the best choice for cupcakes and cake displays are glow bracelets. When purchasing glow bracelets, be sure to check that the thickness of the glow bracelet is at least 5-6mm in thickness or larger. This is to ensure that you receive no cracked or leaking glow bracelets. It is always advisable to clean the glow sticks with warm water and soap prior to placing into any edible food items.

GlowSticksInABirthdayCakeAnother really easy addition to any snack bar is a big bowl of glowing candy! Simply add a few glow sticks to the bottom of a bowl and fill it with delicious gummy candies. The glow effect will shine through the gummies to create a cool and fun lighted candy bowl! Again, be sure to wash your glow sticks with warm water and soap prior to placing in the bowl.


Are you planning on making some homemade cotton candy for your party? What about adding an extra something to your candy floss by making it glow! Simply use large glow sticks or LED cotton candy light sticks as handles for your cotton candy floss and make your party the brightest ever! Battery operated light sticks might be best suited for this one since you can turn them off and have them prepared before the party and not worry about your ‘glow running out’ before the party even starts!


For additional ideas on how to make your snack bar glow, be sure to check out our articles on Glowing Party Drinks, Light Up Glowing Cherries and Lighted Displays and Punch Bowls!


Glow Sticks on a Ceiling Fan for a Cool Glow Party Lighting Effect!

Glow Sticks Ceiling Fan


Here is a fresh idea for a cool lighting trick for your next glow party. Tape Glow Sticks or LED Light Sticks to a ceiling fan and just let it go! Just make sure the glow sticks are attached very securely by using tape or string and not the pre-attached clips otherwise they may break loose. We also recommend using higher quality glow sticks and not novelty brands to avoid any leaks.

Here are some fun videos of this cool light effect in action:

Glowing LED Cherries for Drinks & Lighted Displays!

Looking for that new and unique product for your next big glow party or lighted event? How about some super cool Glowing LED Drink Cherries! These lighted cherries are the latest addition to a large line of lighted drink accessories and are perfect to add to your guests drinks or even to use for lighted displays such as punch bowls, fruit displays or ice cream sundaes. With so many options of light up ice cubes and other drink accessories on the market, these glow cherries are the newest and most unique addition. Glowing cherries are quickly gaining in popularity for event and party planners looking for that ‘something new’ for their clients lighted events, weddings and parties.


Light up LED Cherries are the size of an actual cherry, are push button activated and have completely sealed LED lights and batteries that ensure no contamination to your guests drinks or liquids. These glowing cherries also have three light settings, the first is a fast flashing option, then a slower strobe and finally, a steady light mode that stays on constantly. All you have to do is simply click the bottom button to circulate through these three fun light modes. So top up that sundae or create the most epic punch bowl ever with beautiful glowing light up cherries!


Glow Necklaces as Glowing Party Decorations!

Glow Necklace Decorations

Looking for an affordable, easy and quick way to create some fun, bright and colorful party decorations for your next big glow party? Well those Glow Necklaces that all of your party guests are wearing can also double up as cool glow rope and party highlights by stringing them all together! You can either loop them together to create a glowing chain effect or simply connect each end and make a super bright glow rope to string around the party! Highlight the backyard for your next late evening BBQ party or string them around the house to outline the party with glow!
Glow Rope Decoration

You can even use Glow Necklaces to create a fun glowing jump rope or use glow necklaces and glow bracelets to setup a “glow drawing” craft area for the kids! (and us adults too of course!)
Glow Stick Jump RopeGlow Stick Figure

So let your imagination run wild, with a couple tubes of affordable glow necklaces, you can create some awe inspiring glow party decorations, fun glow games or glow crafts. Use a specific color to create the colored theme you desire or use a combination of colors to really brighten things up.

Glowing Balloons

And don’t forget that you can also use Glowing Necklaces to create some ultra-cool Super Spaghetti Glow Balloons!

How to Make your Wedding Glow!

Glow Sticks at Wedding

The popularity of glowing decorations for weddings is increasing. With a large variety of cool and attractive glowing products out these days, it is only natural that we see them being used to make that special day glow! Here we cover a few of the basics:

Glowing Decorations and Centerpieces:


There are a great many lighted products that make for beautiful tabletop decorations and centerpiece highlights. The picture to the left depicts a very attractive glowing tabletop display using only Glowing LED Centerpiece Orb Lamps. Another super popular tabletop centerpiece is the Fiber Optic Lamp Centerpiece and display. You can also make great use of Waterproof LED Tea Lights to create some fun and exciting displays of light!

Glowing Champagne Tabletop Chiller

Light Up Drink Glasses & Accessories:

Glowing Glasses for Wedding
Everything from Champagne Glasses to Rock Glasses to Ice Cubes now have bright, attractive LED lights in them. Drink coasters, straws and even stir sticks come in a glowing variety. Take a look around for Light Up Drink Products and you can find a day’s worth of browsing for those cool drinking accessories for your wedding!

Use Glow Necklaces instead of Sparklers for the Farewell:

Glow Sticks for Wedding Farewell

Traditional sparklers for the wedding farewell may be being replaced by Glow Necklaces or Fiber Optic Wands! With the ability to choose your color selection to match your theme, the bright fun and vibrant light they produce and most importantly, the safety factor. No sparks or flames flying around on your special day, well not those kind of sparks at least! And if you want to spice it up even more, try replacing that super messy confetti with tiny Mini Glow Sticks instead!

Glowing Pool Party with Glow Sticks!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning that big summer shin-dig. How about a glowing pool party this year?! All you need for this fun party theme is a whole bunch of glow sticks and a pool, pretty easy combination!

Here is a video of a glow pool in action!

You can also spice it up with some fun glow stick pool games! This following video shows a glow stick scramble in a pool. You can have your participants go free for all or even divide everybody up into teams and have each team try to collect specific color glow sticks!

By Glow Products

Glowing Centerpieces & other Glow Party Highlights!!

Glow Party Highlights


Glowing Flower VaseBrighten up your next big glow party or formal event with glowing centerpieces, punch bowls and other party highlights! Here we will explore some great LED products that can help you add some glow to your next wedding, reception, bah mitzvah, cocktail party or backyard gathering.

Decorative LED Tea Lights are the easiest way to really make your tabletop centerpieces, floral arrangements, ice sculptures or punch bowls shine! These Decorative Lights are waterproof so they will work in any type of liquid or ice. With replaceable batteries, these bright LED Lights can be used again and again.Waterproof Tea LightsGlowing Punch Bowl

Another LED highlight that can be used for liquid based displays are these fun Light Up LED Ice Cubes. Add these simple lighted cubes to your punch bowl for a cool glowing effect. Mix a few of these glowing ice cubes up with decorative water lights inside your ice bucket to really make it shine. LED Ice Cubes come in a variety of colors and even a multiple setting multi-color version.

Lighted Ice BucketGlowing Ice Bucket

Other great glow party highlights always include these bright and safe LED Flameless Candles and of course, the ever popular, battery operated Fiber Optic Centerpiece Lamp!

Flameless CandlesFiber Optic Lamp

Light Up Punch Bowl