Emergency Glow Sticks

Emergency Glow Stick

Staying well prepared during an emergency situation is vital and having ample safety lighting is a must. Emergency Glow Sticks are a dependable, non-heat producing light source for such occasions.

DURALUME 6 Inch Emergency Glow Sticks with 12 Hour Glow

Emergency Glow Stick

DURALUME 6 Inch Glow Sticks are high quality military grade emergency glow sticks with a low price point, ideal for bulk purchasing for emergency, industrial, military and safety uses. These 6 Inch emergency glow sticks are individually foil wrapped with a listed 5 year shelf life for long term storage.

6 Inch premium glow sticks have a bright 12 Hour glow duration and come in a full range of color selections. The brightest colors for safety emergency uses are typically green, yellow and orange. Red is often used for highlighting hazards or danger spots and blue can be used to highlight water hazards.

DURALUME 6 Inch Safety Emergency Glow Sticks can be purchased at Glowproducts.com or on Amazon.

7 Inch LED Battery Powered Safety Emergency Glow Sticks

For a re-usable option,  the 7 Inch LED Light Sticks are a battery powered glow stick that uses button cell batteries that can be easily replaced. The 7 Inch LED Sticks replicate an emergency glow stick providing a bright safe light source. The 7 Inch LED light sticks are water resistant, come with a lanyard string and are available in a selection of bright colors.

7 Inch LED Battery Powered Light Sticks can be purchased at Glowproducts.com or on Amazon.

Glowing Bike Rides! Lighting Up Your Bicycle for Night Rides!

What better way to ride at night than to ride with glowing light! Better visibility of yourself and your bicycle is always an important safety factor when riding at night or in the early mornings. Charity and fundraising ‘Glow Rides’ are becoming a popular annual event in many cities and communities. Here we will take a look at some lighting options for Glow Rides.

LED Bar Lights: 

An easy to attach and simple to use device that will add bright LED Light Bars to your bicycle, these often come in a variety of colors and will drastically brighten the visibility of your bike.


You can even color theme your bike by adding several of the same color LED Bar Lights to your bicycle! Create that cool blue TRON bike you’ve always wanted or promote your local Breast Cancer awareness campaign by creating a stunning PinkCycle!


LED Bike Tire Lights:

How much fun would it be if your tires lit up with bright glowing light as you rode? Well it’s pretty darn fun! These super bright LED Bike Tire Lights simply attach to your bicycles tire valves. These fantastic glowing tire lights have both motion and low light sensors so BikeTireLights3they will only light up when your bike is in motion and in the dark. This way you are not having to constantly switch over your valve covers every time you want to ride in the low light. These battery operated tire lights are the easiest way to create a truly mesmerizing lighting effect that will garner attention to your bike and yourself anywhere you ride!


Glow Sticks & Glow Necklaces:

Another fun way to make your bike glow is to simply load it up with a pile of Glow Sticks, Glow Necklaces and Glow Bracelets! This is a popular way to light up bicycles for Charity Glow Rides as they are a one night type of glow light and looks absolutely fantastic when you have a whole crew of riders glowing together! You can get quite creative with traditional glow sticks and everybody gets to decorate their rides differently for a splash of uniqueness.


Bicycle Safety Flashers:


And of course, there is always the traditional Bicycle Safety Flasher! These are always an affordable, easy to use safety light that can be clipped to your bike or yourself to help make others on the road aware of you. With a flashing red LED light, you will always be seen when cruising at night or in a low light environment.


Now that you have a couple bright ideas of how to make your bicycle light up for that next big community glow ride or evening ride, you and your bicycle can get out there and light up the night!


Things you should probably NOT do with Glow Sticks!

Glow Sticks are fun! No doubt about that, however there are a few things you should probably not do with glow sticks for obvious safety reasons. (but admittedly, they sure are fun to watch!!)

Here are a few video examples of what NOT to do with glow sticks:

Glow Sticks in a Toilet:

Glow Sticks in a Blender:

Glow Sticks in a Microwave:

Don’t get caught in the dark!

Storm season is always a stark reminder of the need to keep an emergency kit handy and accessible in every household, vehicle and work place. Getting caught in the dark during an unforeseen disaster is the worst situation no one wants to be in. A primary staple of every emergency and safety kit should be an ample supply of portable and handheld lighting. Both luminescent glow sticks and battery operated LED products are a vital piece of keeping you and your family safely visible during heavy storms, black outs, floods, earthquakes or any other disaster scenario that may arise.

Here we will cover the three core areas of portable emergency lighting. Glow Sticks, LED Light Sticks and Battery Operated Candles.


Easy to activate, non heat, non flame, water proof and does not require batteries; ideal for any emergency situation! Use glow sticks to light up an area and to wrap around each individual person so everyone is easily noticeable in a dark environment. Large glow sticks are also excellent as flagging sticks that can be used to garner attention to yourself from a distance or to highlight potential hazards and dangers. Glow sticks are available in a wide selection of sizes and color options, many with stands, elastic bands or lanyard attachments. As a helpful tip,  the colors of Green, Yellow and Orange are typically the brightest glow sticks on the market and are the most useful for area and individual lighting during emergencies.


Much like a glow stick, battery operated light sticks and products are small, durable, bright, lightweight and extremely easy to use. Many households have a supply of flashlights and larger lighting apparatuses usually stored in a central location. It is also recommended to keep smaller lighted items scattered in drawers and easy to access locations throughout your home, vehicle and building. Many smaller LED light sticks use coin cell and button cell batteries so it is important to always keep extra batteries on hand for extended blackout periods.


One startling statistic is the drastic rise of reported household fires during storm and blackout season. Many traditional emergency kits contain actual flame candles which are great for lighting but do bring an additional safety hazard with them; open fire and flame. With the increasing popularity and advancements in LED lighting, safe flame and flameless candles have become extremely popular and affordable. It is a good idea to store battery operated candles with your emergency supplies as they are more ideal for room and area lighting without the worry of having open flames scattered through your home or business.

Long Term Preparedness:

Like any other perishable item, glow sticks and batteries have specific shelve lives and their effectiveness will deteriorate over time. If you are storing long term emergency items, it is always recommended to check the quality of your stored glow sticks and battery products every other year to ensure that they will work when you need them most!

LED Flameless Candles for the Holiday Season

Flameless Candles Pillar

LED Flameless Candles have become a very popular product line spanning over various shapes, sizes and types recently. LED Candles are not only imperative for creating great center piece and mantle displays but also offer a very important safety aspect. No open flame or fire!

With many reception halls, banquet halls and churches not allowing true flame candles. LED Flameless Candles are a fantastic replacement for standard wax candles for weddings, receptions, holiday celebrations, bah mitzvahs and any other event that candles may be a tradition for. Many modern LED candles offer flickering LED lights that replicate a true flame built into a real wax candle. It takes a very close inspection to even tell that they are not real candles!

LED Pillar Candles

Flameless Candles also make great holiday time products for both festive decorations, for gift exchanges or stocking stuffers. From simulated Tea Lights and Candles with Votive to Large style Pillar Candles. LED Flameless candles are an essential festive product!

LED Tealight Candle