Emergency Glow Sticks

Emergency Glow Stick

Staying well prepared during an emergency situation is vital and having ample safety lighting is a must. Emergency Glow Sticks are a dependable, non-heat producing light source for such occasions.

DURALUME 6 Inch Emergency Glow Sticks with 12 Hour Glow

Emergency Glow Stick

DURALUME 6 Inch Glow Sticks are high quality military grade emergency glow sticks with a low price point, ideal for bulk purchasing for emergency, industrial, military and safety uses. These 6 Inch emergency glow sticks are individually foil wrapped with a listed 5 year shelf life for long term storage.

6 Inch premium glow sticks have a bright 12 Hour glow duration and come in a full range of color selections. The brightest colors for safety emergency uses are typically green, yellow and orange. Red is often used for highlighting hazards or danger spots and blue can be used to highlight water hazards.

DURALUME 6 Inch Safety Emergency Glow Sticks can be purchased at Glowproducts.com or on Amazon.

7 Inch LED Battery Powered Safety Emergency Glow Sticks

For a re-usable option,  the 7 Inch LED Light Sticks are a battery powered glow stick that uses button cell batteries that can be easily replaced. The 7 Inch LED Sticks replicate an emergency glow stick providing a bright safe light source. The 7 Inch LED light sticks are water resistant, come with a lanyard string and are available in a selection of bright colors.

7 Inch LED Battery Powered Light Sticks can be purchased at Glowproducts.com or on Amazon.