Light Up Drink Glasses for a Glow Grad Party!

Light up your graduation dinner or special event with Glowing Drink Glasses! Light up glasses are available in such a wide variety of styles and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect glow cup that suits your special graduation theme or color scheme. Here are a few images of a glow grad party using Light Up LED Champagne Glasses as highlights. The simple presence of these bright glowing drink glasses on each table creates a beautiful visual effect that lights up the entire event!


You can even get these fun light up drinking glasses custom printed with a special message to all the graduation students. Custom Printed Light Up LED Drink Glasses help to personalize the event as well as give each student a memorable lighted keepsake they can take away with them to remember that special glowing evening for a long time to come!


Glowing LED Cherries for Drinks & Lighted Displays!

Looking for that new and unique product for your next big glow party or lighted event? How about some super cool Glowing LED Drink Cherries! These lighted cherries are the latest addition to a large line of lighted drink accessories and are perfect to add to your guests drinks or even to use for lighted displays such as punch bowls, fruit displays or ice cream sundaes. With so many options of light up ice cubes and other drink accessories on the market, these glow cherries are the newest and most unique addition. Glowing cherries are quickly gaining in popularity for event and party planners looking for that ‘something new’ for their clients lighted events, weddings and parties.


Light up LED Cherries are the size of an actual cherry, are push button activated and have completely sealed LED lights and batteries that ensure no contamination to your guests drinks or liquids. These glowing cherries also have three light settings, the first is a fast flashing option, then a slower strobe and finally, a steady light mode that stays on constantly. All you have to do is simply click the bottom button to circulate through these three fun light modes. So top up that sundae or create the most epic punch bowl ever with beautiful glowing light up cherries!