ActiveDark is a resource site brought to you by The Glow Store inc. and Glowproducts.com

With over a decades worth of knowledge relating to the glow industry, we have a million ideas and suggestions relating to glow and light up products. Here you will find ideas on how to throw a glow party, fantastic glow in the dark crafts, night time glow games and useful information relating to everything and anything that glows!

Check back often to see what we’ve been up to!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I am Jaclyn Holtzman, editor of AllFreeKidsCrafts.com. I really love your site, and would love to include some of your glow games on my site. Our readers love glow crafts, so if you are interested, please email me.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Jaclyn, glad you like the site! Feel free to duplicate and/or link to any of the glow crafts, games or other articles on our blog. If you are going to reproduce your own articles, it would be nice if you could include a link to or mention our blog.

      Keep tuned, as spring rolls around, we’re hoping to get out and come up with a whole pile of new glow games and activities added onto the site!

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