Light Up Beverage Cans

A great and easy way to add some light to your BBQ, camping trip or backyard get-together are simple glow stick drink can lights! Create your own light up beer cans or illuminate soda cans with these banded glow sticks designed to fit a standard width beer can or soda can.

The drink can lights are banded 8 inch long glow sticks bands that bend to form a circle and fit onto any standard width beverage can. The glowing beer can lights are available in 3 different colors (blue, green and pink) so you can color code your drinks and will always be able to find them in the evening dark! The glow duration on the glow can lights is approximately 6 to 8 hours.



Fun at Home with Light Up Toys and Glow Items

Light Up Toys

Keep everyone at home entertained with some fun light up toys and glow in the dark activities! Here, we will explore some glowing ideas on lighted toys,  glow craft accessories and lighted decorations for some glowing fun at home.

Light Up LED Glow Wands

Have some fun with fun light up wands! Spice up the Frozen watching party with snowflake wands and magic princess wands or hand of a bunch of spinning windmill wands out to watch the mesmerizing spinning lights!

Light Up Toys and Glow Accessories

Lighten things up with some cool light up toys! Throw an awesome family fun pixel party with a Minecraft glow sword or light up pixel blaster! Light up the living room with fun glowing whirly flyers or finish up some homework with a glowing light up pen!

Light Up Outdoor Fun and Glow Sports

Have a backyard blast with light up sports balls and glowing outdoor fun items! Get a game of glow soccer or toss around a light up frisbee! Jump rope with a glowing skipping rope. Check for a variety of ideas and glow sports equipment!

Light Up Glow Crafts

Get creative with some fun glowing crafts! Check out the glow bracelets craft pack or the glow craft circular connector kits for a fun mix of glow sticks and craft connectors! Make up your own crafts with clip on LED mini lights!

Light Up Wearables

Get goofy at home with some fun light up wearables! Try on an LED message hat, express yourself with a scrolling text t-shirt or have your own personal rave party with light up animated eye glasses!

Light Up Home Decorative Lights

Light up the house with some wonderful glowing decorative lamps and lights! Explore science with a Plasma ball globe or use rechargeable lamps as fun remote controlled mood or night lights!

Valentine’s Day Glow Party Ideas!

Shine a little light on your romance themed Valentine’s Day with the following glowing ideas for a bright Valentine’s Day glow party!

I Love You Marquee Letter Lamp Combo

Light Up LED I Love You Marquee Letter Lamp Combo that includes the Letters I, U and an LED Heart! The LED marquee letter and heart lamps are over 8 Inches tall and have mounting holes in the back so you can mount them on a wall or display board!

Light Up Heart Marquee Decor Lamp

The Light Up Heart Marquee Light Decor Lamp is a Battery Powered 9 1/2″ LED Marquee Lamp in the shape of a Heart! Spread the love with light!

LED Animated Glasses with Throbbing Hearts

Light Up Animated LED Light Up Glasses with animated displays including a throbbing heart animation! Easy to Use! Rechargeable by USB!

Heart Shape Luminary Bags with LED Candles

Romance themed Luminary Bags with Heart Cutouts that include two LED Tea Lights per bag! Use heart luminaries as glow in the dark party decorations for Valentines events and school dances!

LED Heart Pendant Necklace

Glowing LED Heart Shaped Pendant Necklaces with bright red lights. A great addition to any Valentine’s Day celebration or themed event. Battery operated pendant that activates when you put the two connector magnets together at the back of the necklace, instantly lighting up the red heart pendant!

Large LED Soft Heart Pendant Necklaces

The Large Heart Soft Pendant Necklace is a soft plastic heart shape pendants with bright red LED lights. Use as glowing pendants or hang them for glowing heart decorations! The Large Red Heart Pendant comes with installed batteries that are easily replaceable to keep the glow love lasting forever!

Heart_LED_Body Light_Flashing_Pins
Double Heart LED Flashing Pin Body Lights

Light Up Double Heart Flashing Pins Create fun decorations & crafts or just light yourself up with flashing romance themed light pins! The flashing Double Heart Body Light comes with a Butterfly Clip to attach it to any article of clothing and replaceable batteries are included.

LED Heart Shape Head Boppers

Heart shape headband boppers with red LED lights! Another romance theme glowing wearable! The hearts of the light up heart headbands are each 2 and 1/4″ wide and the hearts themselves light up with bright red flashing LED lights!

3 Piece LED Flameless Candle Set with 15 Color Modes

The Flameless LED Candle Set with Remote Control comes with 3 Multi-Color Flameless LED Pillar Candles in varying heights. And with the included remote control, you get to be the master of a roomful of colorful bright LED Candles!

Glowing Drink Recipes!

Glowing Glasses for Wedding

Getting the gang together for a few drinks? Want to liven things up a bit? Here are a few glowing ideas to turn your regular old drink recipes into something truly bright and memorable! Get the party glowing and the lighted drinks flowing with some of the following ideas:

The Glowing Sea Breeze:

Glowing LED Rock GlassGlowing_Drink_Glowing_Sea_Breeze
Glowing LED Ice Cubes (optional)
1 1/2 oz Vodka
4 oz Grapefruit Juice
1 1/2 Cranberry Juice

Mix the drink and turn your multi-color LED rock glass to a nice blue or green. You can also insert an LED Ice Cube and set it to the alternate color to create the Glowing Sea effect!

The Pink Shirley (Temple)

LED Tumbler Glass (Pink) ORGlowing_Drink_Recipe_Light_Up_Shirley_Temple
LED Fountain Glass
LED Cherries and/or Glowing Straws (optional)
Lemon Lime Soda
Orange Juice
Splash of Grenadine Syrup

Pour a bit of Grenadine and add chilled Ice or Ice Cubes, fill half with orange juice and other half with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with a Glowing Cherry or two and add a couple glowing straws!

The Hypno-Glowtini

Glowing LED Martini GlassGlowing_Drink_Recipe_Hypno_GlowTini_Martini
Flashing LED Martini Shaker (optional)
LED Ice Cubes (optional)
2 oz Hpnotiq Liqueur
1 oz Vodka
1 oz White Cranberry Juice

Shake well in the Flashing LED Martini Shaker, pour into your Glowing Martini Glass and add a couple LED Ice Cubes to spruce it up! Choose your own colors for a Hypnotic blend!

Lighted Island Iced Tea


LED Fountain Glass
LED Ice Cubes (optional)
Glowing Straw (optional)
1 oz of Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Gin & Triple Sec
1 oz Lemon Juice
Top with Cola

Fill your Glowing Fountain Glass with real ice and pour in all the ingredients and give it a stir. Add a couple LED Ice Cubes on top and add a glowing straw!

Flashing Drum Shandy


Flashing LED Beer Mug
1/2 Glass Cheap Beer
1/2 Glass Ginger Beer
(or Ginger Ale if you can’t find Ginger Beer)
1  oz Dark Rum

Pour the Beer and Ginger Beer into your LED Beer Mug and add a shot of Dark Rum. You have a Flashing Drum Shandy!

The Bright Light Bellini

LED Champagne Glass (White Clear)Glowing_Drink_Glow_Bellini
White LED Ice Cube (optional)
2 oz Peach Nectar
1 oz Peach Schnapps
3 oz Chilled Dry Champagne
1/2 Cup Crushed Ice

Blend all of the above until smooth. Pour into your LED Champagne Glass and add an LED Ice Cube on top!


Glowing Pool Party Extreme!

Previously we covered the simple idea of having a ‘Glowing Pool Party with Glow Sticks in a Pool!‘ Today, we want to expand on that with some other great thoughts on how to make your Pool Party truly GLOW!

After posting the original article, we discovered ourselves in a dark backyard with a very dark above ground pool and a small army of kids who did not want to give up the pool party fun just because the sun went down. So we quickly dug into our bag of glow and came up with some fun glow products that kept the pool time going for hours with a whole new level of fun!!




The easiest and most affordable addition to any pool party is of course Glow Sticks. All traditional glow sticks are waterproof, most float and are perfectly safe for use in a pool.

(Note: This includes traditional chem based glow sticks. LED Light Sticks are not all waterproof, you will have to specifically look for waterproof LED Light Sticks. We recommend sticking with classic glow sticks when it comes to the pool party.)

Some common Glow Sticks for pool use include 4 Inch Glow Sticks or 6 Inch Glow Sticks, Glow Bracelets and Glow Necklaces!



The greatest addition we came up with were these Waterproof LED Decor Lights that come with a remote control and a whole array of color selection and modes.



By tossing in a couple of these simple Submersible Decor Lights, our pool suddenly came to life with brilliant glowing colors! The kids came up with all sorts of games on their own like Scramble for the Color! The parents kept the remotes and were able to shift colors and turn on Rainbow Color Mode from outside the pool. This is the best option for adding very bright colored lights to any pool that does not have its own lighting.






Another great addition to any pool party are of course beach balls, so what better than Beach Balls with Glow Sticks! There are variety of glowing beach balls including Beach Balls with LED Light Sticks.

Glowing Beach Balls in a variety of colors is a fun addition to every glowing pool party!

Add a few of the these glowing beach balls to the pool and watch the fun glowing action!


You could also utilize one of our previous ideas and add some wacky ‘Super Spaghetti Glow Balloons‘ to the pool for your Glow Stick Pool Party!

To leave you off, we’ll post a great video we stumbled upon on YouTube showing a fantastic Glowing Pool Party!

Glowing Pool Party Video Courtesy of BlueEyedJackson


Have fun this summer with your GLOWING POOL PARTY!

Glow for Luminary & Lantern Festivals!!


What better way to light up your lantern festival or luminary event than with bright glow products! Here are a few images highlighting the unique uses of glow and LED products used to light up the festival and all the glowing people involved!


Light up lanterns with bright glowing LED Light Sticks or even Remote Controlled LED Decor Lights!


By using a creative blend of glowing items, you can create a fun and attractive lighted environment that is sure to draw crowds and wow your participants. By adding a few LED Lighted Hula Hoops or a few Glowing Poi Ball Spinners, you can turn your run of the mill event into the glowing talk of the town! Get creative with Electro-Luminescent (EL) Wire in your decoration and costume designs or string a whole row of Glow Necklaces together for a cool stringed lighting effect!


The simple addition of Large Glow Sticks in the hands of each of your participants can make a world of difference by creating a glowing spectacle out of each individual that attends your lighted event. You can even choose glow colors that fit your event or festivals color themes!


Simply adding a few well placed LED Lights into a custom outfit or costume can create some very unique and creative ideas. The above photo shows a very easy costume design simply by adding some white 7 Inch LED Light Sticks under the costumes garments. A very quick and easy addition that helped to create a very bright and fun lighted outfit!


Glow can be added to any type of festival or outing to kick it up that extra notch! Be creative. If you think your event or festival may cross into evening time, you may want to consider adding some bright lights to further attract more people to your outing whether it is a luminary festival, a rowing competition, a marathon bike ride or a simple community BBQ!

Light Up Drink Glasses for a Glow Grad Party!

Light up your graduation dinner or special event with Glowing Drink Glasses! Light up glasses are available in such a wide variety of styles and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect glow cup that suits your special graduation theme or color scheme. Here are a few images of a glow grad party using Light Up LED Champagne Glasses as highlights. The simple presence of these bright glowing drink glasses on each table creates a beautiful visual effect that lights up the entire event!


You can even get these fun light up drinking glasses custom printed with a special message to all the graduation students. Custom Printed Light Up LED Drink Glasses help to personalize the event as well as give each student a memorable lighted keepsake they can take away with them to remember that special glowing evening for a long time to come!


Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt!

Previously, we have discussed putting mini glow sticks into plastic easter eggs to make them glow! In this article we look at a couple other bright ideas for your next big glowing Easter egg hunt!

Let’s start with brightening up the hunting fields a little by spattering the grounds with some fun glowing decorations!  One easy do-it-yourself glow craft idea that works great for Easter egg hunts is a bunch of Glowing Toadstools! Simply wrap some mid-sized glow sticks with paper and tissue and shape the top part into simple mushroom shapes. These wonderful little glowing toadstools will create a fun glowing effect throughout your entire Easter egg search area!

Glow Toadstools

4″ Glow Sticks with Stands are recommended to use for these glowing mushrooms due to the plastic stand that comes with them. (however any type of 4″ or 6″ glow sticks will work just fine)

Another fun way to brighten up the hunting fields is to add some fun glowing flower and butterfly decorations throughout the area. Use your imagination and create your own glow creations as well!

Glowing Decorations

Circular glow connectors and glow bracelets will allow you to create these fun and unique glowing decorations. The center of the glow stick circular connector also has a small hole so you can use a small tack, nail or even string to attach your decorations to nearby trees, fence posts or hang them around.

Now that we have a beautiful glowing easter egg hunting ground, everybody will have a bright time hunting for those glowing Easter eggs among a field of glowing mushrooms and flowers!

Glowing Easter Eggs

As we’ve mentioned before, Miniature Glow Sticks work perfectly for placing inside of standard plastic Easter eggs. For a slightly brighter glow (and a little bit more work) you can also use Glow Bracelets and some string or an elastic band to ‘clump’ the glow bracelet in a folded manner and place that within the plastic Easter eggs. This may work better for larger style plastic eggs.

Also be sure to decorate your hunters (and their baskets) with a variety of Glow Bracelets, Glowing Glasses and Glowing Bunny Ears! This Glow Craft and Glow Party Pack comes with a fun variety of glow accessories perfect for highlighting your Easter Egg hunting party!

Glow Basket

Happy Hunting!

Glow Party Decorations – Glowing Treat Ideas!

Glow Sticks in a Birthday Cake Liven up your party with glowing party snacks and treats! Here we will highlight a couple simple additions for your standard birthday and party snack treats that will surely make them shine!

How about adding some simple glow sticks to your cakes and cupcakes for a wonderful glowing treat! Or use looped glow necklaces to wrap around a food platter for a glowing cupcake display.



Note: If you plan to use glow sticks in any edible products, it is always best to choose a higher quality brand of glow sticks. We find that the best choice for cupcakes and cake displays are glow bracelets. When purchasing glow bracelets, be sure to check that the thickness of the glow bracelet is at least 5-6mm in thickness or larger. This is to ensure that you receive no cracked or leaking glow bracelets. It is always advisable to clean the glow sticks with warm water and soap prior to placing into any edible food items.

GlowSticksInABirthdayCakeAnother really easy addition to any snack bar is a big bowl of glowing candy! Simply add a few glow sticks to the bottom of a bowl and fill it with delicious gummy candies. The glow effect will shine through the gummies to create a cool and fun lighted candy bowl! Again, be sure to wash your glow sticks with warm water and soap prior to placing in the bowl.


Are you planning on making some homemade cotton candy for your party? What about adding an extra something to your candy floss by making it glow! Simply use large glow sticks or LED cotton candy light sticks as handles for your cotton candy floss and make your party the brightest ever! Battery operated light sticks might be best suited for this one since you can turn them off and have them prepared before the party and not worry about your ‘glow running out’ before the party even starts!


For additional ideas on how to make your snack bar glow, be sure to check out our articles on Glowing Party Drinks, Light Up Glowing Cherries and Lighted Displays and Punch Bowls!


Glow Sticks on a Ceiling Fan for a Cool Glow Party Lighting Effect!

Glow Sticks Ceiling Fan


Here is a fresh idea for a cool lighting trick for your next glow party. Tape Glow Sticks or LED Light Sticks to a ceiling fan and just let it go! Just make sure the glow sticks are attached very securely by using tape or string and not the pre-attached clips otherwise they may break loose. We also recommend using higher quality glow sticks and not novelty brands to avoid any leaks.

Here are some fun videos of this cool light effect in action: