How to Make your Wedding Glow!

Glow Sticks at Wedding

The popularity of glowing decorations for weddings is increasing. With a large variety of cool and attractive glowing products out these days, it is only natural that we see them being used to make that special day glow! Here we cover a few of the basics:

Glowing Decorations and Centerpieces:


There are a great many lighted products that make for beautiful tabletop decorations and centerpiece highlights. The picture to the left depicts a very attractive glowing tabletop display using only Glowing LED Centerpiece Orb Lamps. Another super popular tabletop centerpiece is the Fiber Optic Lamp Centerpiece and display. You can also make great use of Waterproof LED Tea Lights to create some fun and exciting displays of light!

Glowing Champagne Tabletop Chiller

Light Up Drink Glasses & Accessories:

Glowing Glasses for Wedding
Everything from Champagne Glasses to Rock Glasses to Ice Cubes now have bright, attractive LED lights in them. Drink coasters, straws and even stir sticks come in a glowing variety. Take a look around for Light Up Drink Products and you can find a day’s worth of browsing for those cool drinking accessories for your wedding!

Use Glow Necklaces instead of Sparklers for the Farewell:

Glow Sticks for Wedding Farewell

Traditional sparklers for the wedding farewell may be being replaced by Glow Necklaces or Fiber Optic Wands! With the ability to choose your color selection to match your theme, the bright fun and vibrant light they produce and most importantly, the safety factor. No sparks or flames flying around on your special day, well not those kind of sparks at least! And if you want to spice it up even more, try replacing that super messy confetti with tiny Mini Glow Sticks instead!

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