Glow Insert Golf Balls & LED Golf Balls Comparison

Glow Stick Insert Golf Balls:


These are a solid plastic glowing golf ball with a hole running through the center of it. The light source for the glow stick golf balls is a 1 1/2” “mammoth mini” glow stick (it’s a little wider than the typical 1 1/2” mini glow stick). Simply crack the glow stick and give it a shake to activate it and get it glowing. Then push the glow stick into the hole in the golf ball, all the way in. Pushing the glow stick against the ground or a table may be necessary to tightly fit it all the way in.

With glow products glow insert golf balls, the hole is tapered at one end, which holds the glow stick firmly in place when you hit the golf ball down the fairway.

To remove the glow stick, push it out from the small end (marked with an “S” for small”) of the hole with a golf tee. You can then use the glow golf ball again simply by replacing the glow stick.

More economical – Glow Stick Golf balls are less expensive than LED golf balls to start with, and you can use them multiple times. And the 1 1/2” replacement glow sticks are much less expensive than replacing an entire LED golf ball

Re-usable – you can use the glow stick golf ball again and again by replacing the 1 1/2” glow stick

Consistency –  Glow products glow insert golf balls have been on the market for over 17 years. The glow golf balls just simply always work – there are no switches or electronics that can go wrong.

Magical – there’s just something about cracking a glow stick that brings out the kid in everybody.


Light Up LED Golf Balls:


LED Golf Balls have been on the market for a while now, originally being only the “hit – to – activate” type, in which you had to hit, strike or knock the LED golf ball to turn it on. This type of LED golf ball then lights up for about 8 minutes, until the internal timer turns it off – you then have to hit it again to turn it back on. More recently, the Night Eagle Glowing LED golf ball has been developed, that has a light switch. By using your cell phone flashlight, you can turn the Night Eagle LED golf ball on and off, which is great, because you don’t have to worry about the 8 minute timer anymore.

Feel – Night Eagle LED golf balls look and feel and play more like a “real” golf ball.

Brightness – Because the Night Eagle golf balls use LED Lights rather than a glow stick, the LED golf balls are much brighter than a glow stick style golf ball.

You can Turn them On and OffNight Eagle LED golf balls are the only light up golf ball that you can turn on and off. With regular LED golf balls, you have to hit them to turn them on, and then they will turn off again in 8 minutes, unless you re-set the timer by hitting it again. You do not have to worry about this with Night Eagle LED golf balls. When you turn it on, it will stay on until you turn it off again. (And with Glow Stick Golf Balls, once you “crack” the glow stick to get it glowing, you cannot turn the glow stick off.)

The Night Eagle Glowing Golf Balls are also available in a Multi-Color LED Golf Ball with 8 Color Modes.

Custom Printed Glow for your Lighted Party or Event!

Promotional Glow Bracelet Wrist Bands

Highlight your next big event or party with personalized glowing items! Light up promotional products are the best way to really leave that lasting impression with all of your party guests and event patrons. Glowing bracelets and glowing wristbands, custom printed 6 inch glow sticks, customized flashing sunglasses, imprinted LED pens and custom lighted keychains. All of these items and more are fantastic as glowing party accessories or as attractive and noticeable business promotions!

Promotional Print Glow Sticks
Get your event or logo branding seen with custom printed glow sticks!

Promotional Light Up GlassesCustom printing on light up bar products and glowing drink glasses is a must have for any serious glow party or lighted event. You can have your anniversary or special birthday message displayed nicely on a light up drink coaster, glowing LED ice cube or any other style of customized light up drink glass you could imagine.

Make your wedding night that one to remember with personalized glowing champagne flutes or lighted wine glasses and let your guests take them home to remember your special day for eternity.

Non-profit and special events will be that much brighter with custom printed tumbler glasses or a nice promotional fountain glass. The kids always love them!

Place your bar or pub name on a fun and attractive custom glowing straw or printed light up stir stick and really wow your customers! How about some custom printed shot glasses or personalized shooter glasses to really kick it up a notch!

Promotional Custom Printed Light Up LED Glasses
Get your brand or logo noticed with some classy custom printed lighted stemware glasses!

Lighted jewelry and glowing wearable items are always a popular product line to print on. Have your guests and customers promote your name, brand or event by wearing your logo and message with style! Brighten up each of your party-goers with custom printed glow necklaces and even have a special custom connector made for them!

Custom Connectors are an affordable addition to any glow necklace or glow bracelet.

Imprinted Body Light Flashers

Impress your friends with cool custom made flashing body lights. You can even customize the shape, print, color and number of LED lights they have! Do you want slow color changing lights or fast flashing lights? Your choice!

Promotional Glowing Light Up LED Pendants

Have your design or logo placed nicely on a customized glowing LED pendant! Choose your desired shape and LED color.

Custom Printed Glowing Badge

Get some cool stick on glow badges made in a variety of shapes and color options. Promote your band by sticking these bright glow badges all over the venue during one of your gigs and be remembered!

Or how about a fun and effective LED bottle opener key chain with your logo on it!

Custom Glowing Bottle Openers

The possibilities are endless for the types of glow in the dark and light up LED products you can get custom printed. Everything from imprinted glow sticks to customized bar products. Custom printed jewelry and wearables to fun filled custom made light up accessories.

Make your event the brightest ever with promotional glowing items!

Glowing Drinks will Brighten any Party!

Glowing Drink Glasses for Kids

Glowing Fountain Glass

What is the best way to really brighten up your next big party or event? Lighted drinks of course! Whether your looking to add that zing to your kids next birthday party or to create a fantastic display for a adult themed martini party, light up drink glasses and accessories can create the most dazzling effect that will leave your guests and party-goers spellbound.

Kids especially love light up tumbler glasses. Dad always gets a kick out of a flashing beer mug or LED cooler mugs. Let Mom kick back with a fun filled glass of glowing wine! Aunt prefers a margarita?  Well light it up! Whiskey glasses, lighted shot glasses, glowing fountain glasses, pilsner drink glasses. Any style you could imagine has been adapted with bright and colorful LED lights to create dazzling bright glow effects.

Glowing Ice Cubes

And to go with your fantastic glowing drink glass, there are many other light up bar related products on the market including, LED ice cubes, glowing straws, light up drink coasters, lighted serving trays and even glow in the dark stir sticks!

Make your next party the brightest ever and look into some fantastic light up drink products!

Glowing Martini