Glowing Pool Party with Glow Sticks!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning that big summer shin-dig. How about a glowing pool party this year?! All you need for this fun party theme is a whole bunch of glow sticks and a pool, pretty easy combination!

Here is a video of a glow pool in action!

You can also spice it up with some fun glow stick pool games! This following video shows a glow stick scramble in a pool. You can have your participants go free for all or even divide everybody up into teams and have each team try to collect specific color glow sticks!

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Glowing Centerpieces & other Glow Party Highlights!!

Glow Party Highlights


Glowing Flower VaseBrighten up your next big glow party or formal event with glowing centerpieces, punch bowls and other party highlights! Here we will explore some great LED products that can help you add some glow to your next wedding, reception, bah mitzvah, cocktail party or backyard gathering.

Decorative LED Tea Lights are the easiest way to really make your tabletop centerpieces, floral arrangements, ice sculptures or punch bowls shine! These Decorative Lights are waterproof so they will work in any type of liquid or ice. With replaceable batteries, these bright LED Lights can be used again and again.Waterproof Tea LightsGlowing Punch Bowl

Another LED highlight that can be used for liquid based displays are these fun Light Up LED Ice Cubes. Add these simple lighted cubes to your punch bowl for a cool glowing effect. Mix a few of these glowing ice cubes up with decorative water lights inside your ice bucket to really make it shine. LED Ice Cubes come in a variety of colors and even a multiple setting multi-color version.

Lighted Ice BucketGlowing Ice Bucket

Other great glow party highlights always include these bright and safe LED Flameless Candles and of course, the ever popular, battery operated Fiber Optic Centerpiece Lamp!

Flameless CandlesFiber Optic Lamp

Light Up Punch Bowl

Glowing Jewelry and Wearables for your Glow Party!

Glowing Necklaces

Glow in the Dark Eye GlassesSo you’ve got your glowing balloons and light up drinking glasses all set. You have some fun glow in the dark games and glow crafts planned but what else is missing from your next big glow party?

How about your party-goers? Are they lit up like the rest of your party? One way to really brighten up this party now is to add some light to all of your party guests!

There is a vast amount of glow in the dark and LED lighted products out there perfect for glow party wear.

Let’s take a look at some of the basics:


Ninja with Glowing Swords


Having a glow in the dark costume or theme party? Looking for some form of accessory for the ultimate glowing sword, lightsaber, glow in the dark nun-chuks or lighted bo-staff? How about some really big glow sticks?!

Large Glowing Batons and 15 Inch Glow Sticks make for some pretty cool looking and extremely bright glow accessories. Many large glow sticks and wands come with nice foam encased coverings so Mom and Dad can relax while handing out the lightsabers!

Not only can Glow Sticks be used as a hand-held accessory, but they can also be used as general decorations or costume highlights. Try using some Glow Stick Necklaces by connecting them together and fashioning yourself a cool glowing belt, lasso or glowing outlines to your themed costume!

Glowing Necklaces


Glowing Finger Rings, LED Pendants and Body Light Pins.

There is a large assortment of glowing jewelry out there, especially in the way of light up finger rings and glowing pendants. Check out the images below for some great themed ideas and products for lighting up your party patrons.

Glow Stick RingsLED Bubble RingsLED Mood RingsLaser Light RingsLarge Round Glow PendantGlowing Heart PendantGlowing Star PendantLED Crystal PendantLED Cross PendantSmall LED Star PendantSmall LED Heart PendantGlow Stick PendantLED Pom Pom PendantLED Spike Ball PendantLED Hair BraidsHappy Face Body Light PinBirthday Body Light PinCowboy Body Light PinV Guitar Body Light PinGuitar Body Light Pin



There are several wearable items on the market that allow you to program your own message or messages and have them scroll across the display with bright LEDs. These include T-Shirts, Dog Tags and Belt Buckles!

Programmable Belt BuckleProgrammable ShirtProgrammable Dog Tags



Not only are pendants, rings and bracelets suitable for glow parties. Here are a few other specialty items that glow or have LED lights that are great additions to your glowing party including the ever cool Fiber Optic Mohawk, Glow in the Dark Gloves, Glowing Shoelaces and LED Bangle Bracelets.

Fiber Optic LED MohawkGlow in the Dark GlovesGlow in the Dark ShoelacesLED Bracelets

As a final note: A party is not a party until someone is wearing a fully functional equalizer shirt that beats to the music! Check it out below!

Glowing Drinks will Brighten any Party!

Glowing Drink Glasses for Kids

Glowing Fountain Glass

What is the best way to really brighten up your next big party or event? Lighted drinks of course! Whether your looking to add that zing to your kids next birthday party or to create a fantastic display for a adult themed martini party, light up drink glasses and accessories can create the most dazzling effect that will leave your guests and party-goers spellbound.

Kids especially love light up tumbler glasses. Dad always gets a kick out of a flashing beer mug or LED cooler mugs. Let Mom kick back with a fun filled glass of glowing wine! Aunt prefers a margarita?  Well light it up! Whiskey glasses, lighted shot glasses, glowing fountain glasses, pilsner drink glasses. Any style you could imagine has been adapted with bright and colorful LED lights to create dazzling bright glow effects.

Glowing Ice Cubes

And to go with your fantastic glowing drink glass, there are many other light up bar related products on the market including, LED ice cubes, glowing straws, light up drink coasters, lighted serving trays and even glow in the dark stir sticks!

Make your next party the brightest ever and look into some fantastic light up drink products!

Glowing Martini