Emergency Glow Sticks

Emergency Glow Stick

Staying well prepared during an emergency situation is vital and having ample safety lighting is a must. Emergency Glow Sticks are a dependable, non-heat producing light source for such occasions.

DURALUME 6 Inch Emergency Glow Sticks with 12 Hour Glow

Emergency Glow Stick

DURALUME 6 Inch Glow Sticks are high quality military grade emergency glow sticks with a low price point, ideal for bulk purchasing for emergency, industrial, military and safety uses. These 6 Inch emergency glow sticks are individually foil wrapped with a listed 5 year shelf life for long term storage.

6 Inch premium glow sticks have a bright 12 Hour glow duration and come in a full range of color selections. The brightest colors for safety emergency uses are typically green, yellow and orange. Red is often used for highlighting hazards or danger spots and blue can be used to highlight water hazards.

DURALUME 6 Inch Safety Emergency Glow Sticks can be purchased at Glowproducts.com or on Amazon.

7 Inch LED Battery Powered Safety Emergency Glow Sticks

For a re-usable option,  the 7 Inch LED Light Sticks are a battery powered glow stick that uses button cell batteries that can be easily replaced. The 7 Inch LED Sticks replicate an emergency glow stick providing a bright safe light source. The 7 Inch LED light sticks are water resistant, come with a lanyard string and are available in a selection of bright colors.

7 Inch LED Battery Powered Light Sticks can be purchased at Glowproducts.com or on Amazon.

Glow Sticks on a Ceiling Fan for a Cool Glow Party Lighting Effect!

Glow Sticks Ceiling Fan


Here is a fresh idea for a cool lighting trick for your next glow party. Tape Glow Sticks or LED Light Sticks to a ceiling fan and just let it go! Just make sure the glow sticks are attached very securely by using tape or string and not the pre-attached clips otherwise they may break loose. We also recommend using higher quality glow sticks and not novelty brands to avoid any leaks.

Here are some fun videos of this cool light effect in action:

Glowing Pool Party with Glow Sticks!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning that big summer shin-dig. How about a glowing pool party this year?! All you need for this fun party theme is a whole bunch of glow sticks and a pool, pretty easy combination!

Here is a video of a glow pool in action!

You can also spice it up with some fun glow stick pool games! This following video shows a glow stick scramble in a pool. You can have your participants go free for all or even divide everybody up into teams and have each team try to collect specific color glow sticks!

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What is Glowsticking?

Glowsticking is a form of dance using glow sticks or LED light sticks for a performance similar to poi or firedancing. Glowsticking is a blanket  term describing two broad categories of glowsticking, stringed or non-stringed, otherwise described as ‘glowstringing’ and ‘freehand glowsticking’.

Here is a great video of  ‘glowstringing’ in action!

For some fun tutorials about how to get started with glowsticking, visit the professional community at Glowsticking.com. Additional information about the history & culture of glowsticking can be found on the wikipedia entry for glowsticking.

Fun Facts: What is a Glow Sticks Shelf Life?

The shelf life of glow sticks depends on two things – the way in which they are packaged and how the glow sticks are stored. The glow sticks should be stored in a cool, dry place. One should especially try to avoid storing them anywhere damp, as the glow sticks can actually absorb water molecules through their outer plastic casing, dramatically reducing their shelf life.

The second thing that will affect glow stick’s shelf life is how they are packaged. Bulk glow sticks that are not foil wrapped (for example 22” glow necklaces and the 8” multi use bracelets) will last 12 to 18 months if they are properly stored with no discernable affect on their brightness or duration. Foil wrapped glow sticks (for example 6” light sticks and 1.5” mini sticks) will last 2 to 4 years. Glow sticks will work past these expiration times but their brightness and duration will be greatly reduced. The color Green will store longer than the other colors and the color red has the shortest shelf life.

Fun Facts: How Do Glow Sticks Work?

Chemical Light is composed of two major chemical components: one, an activator that determines the duration and intensity of the light and the second an oxalate “flourescer”, which determines color. At this point, there are eleven known colors – red, blue, green, orange, aqua, yellow, purple, pink, white, yellow-green, and jade-green. The two active chemicals are separated until activation is needed. Separation is achieved by placing a specific amount of oxalate in a sealed onionskin glass ampule, which is inserted into the cavity of the plastic light stick, and then an exact amount of compatible activator is delivered into that cavity. A plastic cap then seals the tube. In order to activate a light stick, one simply bends the glow stick until the glass ampule inside breaks, thereby combining the two chemicals and generating a chemical reaction, which then creates the light of the glow stick!

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The Origins of Glow

Early development of chemical light for military use began in approximately 1970 by American Cyanamid and the U.S. Navy. The primary use was for fueling ships at sea. The chemiluminescent light product was attached to the fuel lines between ships for night lighting; an ideal situation since the chemical light product does not produce significant heat or static spark. Other branches of the military began using the light sticks for multiple purposes. The most use occurs with the ground forces. Ground forces use the products mostly for night training purposes, night marking, and impromptu landing zones.


Glow Sticks have since branched out from their original military purposes. Because they are a non-heat producing, non-sparking source of light, glow sticks are extremely valuable to have on hand in emergency kits and are deemed the only safe source of light after an earthquake, hurricane, flood or tornado as they require no electricity and will not spark off a gas leak explosion.


Because the Glow stick is a relatively inexpensive item and the glow sticks themselves are a consistent, safe source of light, glow sticks have become an extremely popular entertainment item and have morphed into various shapes and sizes. The glow stick was extended to create the hugely popular 22” Glow Necklace – often being sold at school dances, amusement parks, fairs and fire works celebrations. And glow sticks now come in a wide range of sizes from 1 ½ “ long all the way to 15” long. 6” Glow sticks have remained popular with the club scene, even generating its own dance – glowsticking – where the dancers spin and twirl the glow sticks around to music. 6” glow sticks can be custom printed with logos making them popular at concerts and even for trade show giveaways. A wide variety of other entertainment items have also been spawned out of glow sticks, such as the glowing golf ball for glowing night golf tournaments.

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